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Our tours

Private tours

Part from our city walks we work mainly with private tours. We arrange tours after your request. Doesn´t matter if you come to Gothenburg as a cruise guest, in business, for a school trip, for a family occasion or as a tourist. We will customize our tour after your request. Here are some examples of tours we have arranged before:

Marstrand Tour. Marstrand is a beautiful island located in Bohuslän just 50 minutes from Gothenburg. The island has a fascinating history and a landscape formed by the inland ice over 10.000 years ago. We often enjoy a lunch during this tour with a view overlooking the island and Carlstens fortress.

Gothenburg Premium City Sightseeing. This is an excellent tour if you have some foreign clients coming to visit and you want to show them Gothenburg. We start with a city sightseeing where the guide speaks about the history of the city and how it has changed up until today. We also visit Gunnebo House and Gardens, an estate dating back to the 18th century. A lunch is served in their Coffee House and Restaurant, all organic.

RIB boat tour. Gothenburg is located right by the sea and if you are looking for a bit more exiting adventure a RIB boat tour is an excellent choice. We can make a “fika” stop (coffee & something sweet) on the island of Vinga or add a lunch on the island of Hönö or Björkö instead.

Swedish ancestors. During the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century more then 1,4 million Swedes emigrated, mainly to America. There are a lot of families out there today with Swedish roots. We have arranged tours where we took the families back to the places where their great grandparents used to live and to their local church. Ones our guide even managed to locate some living relatives that the family didn´t know about before. That´s a magical moment.

This is only a sample of what we can do for you. Please contact us and we will start to plan for your private tour, info@gottours.se.

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Transport & Transfers Gothenburg

We will help you book your transfer to and from the airport or if you need other transportation to get around in the region. We help both private travellers and company groups.

Please contact us at info@gottours.se or by phone +46 (0)31 788 08 48.


Welcome to Gothenburg!

Corporate Services Gothenburg

When coming on a business trip to Gothenburg it can be good to have a local partner who can help you with organizing things on site so your visit will be more efficient and pleasant.

GOT TOURS can help you with arranging airport transfers, transportation during the visit, sightseeing tours and other special arrangements so you can concentrate on your business instead.

Our popular tour Gothenburg Premium City Sightseeing is a perfect introduction to our beautiful city and a nice way to spend some relaxed time together with other business partners and clients. The tour takes 4 hours and you get a city sightseeing together with a qualified tourist guide and lunch by Gunnebo House and Gardens. Pickup and drop off is from your hotel or local office within the city of Gothenburg.

We work mainly with individual visitors and groups. Many local companies in Gothenburg also use our services to guarantee a nice stay for their foreign business partners.

For reservations, questions or other inquiries please contact Helena Neem at GOT TOURS office at helena@gottours.se or by phone +46 31 788 08 48.